Quench your thirst and Ice Cream cravings with our fantastic range of cold drinks. Available all year around with a selection of flavours to appeal to everyone.


Fancy Ice Cream and Coffee? Try our Affogatos – This drink combines our bespoke espresso with our delicious Ice Cream and is presented beautifully in a Martini glass with a choice of flavours. The word Affogato originates from Italy meaning ‘drowned’ and we know it’s the drink that all your friends will be jealous of. Available in Classic, Hazelnut Chocolate or Cherry Coconut.



If you want to be Healthier, try our Smoothies. Made with fruit, fruit juice and our traditional Vanilla Ice Cream. Our Smoothies are smooth, thick and oh so yummy! You can even be healthier by requesting it as a Thinnie option without the Ice Cream. Available in Strawberry, Apple and Raspberry, Blueberry and Exotic Fruit.

*Our smoothies can also be made without dairy! Just ask for sorbet instead of ice cream for a dairy free vegan option


Ice Cream Shakes

We wonder why when we make our Milkshakes, it brings all the boys to our yard…! Try one of our Milkshakes today made with our delicous Ice Cream and fresh local milk. Available in a variety of flavours from our ice cream cabinet and can be made with skimmed milk.



Frappes/Fraps/Frapes/Frappas… However you pronounce Frappé,  we have it! Your favourite Frappé drinks are here! Made with blended ice, Fresh local milk, Vanilla Ice Cream and your choice of flavourings. This drink will cool you down quickly in the summer’s sun. Available in Coffee, Chocolate, Toffee or Strawberry & Cream.


Iced Tea

Our Iced Tea isn’t made with Ice Cream but they taste just divine. Don’t take our word for it though, Try one in store today. Served in a tall glass with ice, this drink is one of our new additions to our menu available in a range of flavours. Available in Peach, Raspberry and Lemon.

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