Luxury Coffee Lover’s Hamper

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Open up our Luxury Coffee Lover’s Hamper and you’ll find an emporium of lovely treats. There’s two packs of our heavy bodied bespoke ground coffee with notes of baking chocolate, sweet caramel and hazelnut. A scoop with silver finish, designed with an ingenious clip to re-seal your coffee bag once finished, ensuring they’re kept fresh. Two real slate stone heart coasters and two Cadwaladers Eco Mugs, so you can take your coffee on your travels ensuring it won’t get cold. Plus a rustic star decoration, perfect for hanging on your Christmas Tree.


1x Star Decoration

1x Coffee Scoop Clip

2x 250G Cadwaladers 28/3 Ground Coffee

2x Cadwaladers Eco Travel Mugs

2x Heart Slate Coasters

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Where is our ice cream cone today? ... Lle mae ein hufen iâ heddiw?
9:39 AM - 24 Aug 19