The company began in 1927 with the Cadwalader family in Criccieth who ran a general store.


Over the years the family concentrated increasingly on the ice cream manufacturing side of the business, eventually to the exclusion of the general produce.

The Ice Cream has a flavour that continues to tempt our customers old and new from miles around and is made from a closely guarded secret recipe, reputedly including the addition of:

6 lbs of “shan’t tell you” and

“a great deal of love and care”

Cadwaladers is now part of the culture on the Llyn Peninsula.  In the 1960’s the Company sold their vanilla ice cream exclusively, with the exception of wet fish, which was the last product to be phased out despite providing a somewhat dubious combination!

Unfortunately, Dafydd Cadwalader died in the early 1980’s which was when the existing owners, who began to progress the development of other outlets, bought the shop. Its reputation spread and so did the shop network to cope with the local demand.

Cadwaladers now can be found all over the North and South of Wales with an English shop nearby in Staffordshire. In the colder months, our cafes are warm and cosy for our customers’ comfort and enjoyment. Now stocking a range of bespoke Cadwaladers hot beverages and delicious lunch options, Cadwaladers truly caters for all tastes in all seasons.

Our mission

is quite simply to be the place customers come to relax, to enjoy time with friends and family or to have a meeting, read the paper or just have time alone.

In partnership with our customers, our employees, our community and our environment, our goal is steady growth, annual profitability and the ability to become the place to come for the food, the coffee, the ice cream, the best job prospects… but most of all the greatest customer service given by the greatest staff.

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