Get involved in Plastic Free Day at Cadwaladers

Tuesday 07th May

This year, to celebrate the 93rd birthday of Sir David Attenborough, we are joining lots of other businesses to take part in the 8th May Plastic-Free Day.

Many of you will have seen coverage over the last couple of years of the dreadful levels of plastic pollution in our oceans, which is harming wildlife and even getting into our own food chain. This is why Plastic Free Day is so important and why we are getting involved.

To get involved we will be promoting the use of our Reusable Coffee Mugs and Reusable Water Flasks.PLUS 50 Loyalty Card Points when you use a reusable mug instore on May the 8th, Plastic Free Day.

If you won’t be near a Cadwaladers tomorrow, you can purchase your Cadwaladers Water Flask or Travel Mug here.

In the UK alone, we use an estimated 35 million single-use plastic bottles, 7 million disposable coffee cups with their plastic lids and lining, 8.5 million plastic straws and around 16 million packets of crisps EVERY DAY! Only 9% of the plastic waste that we humans have created has been recycled, and around 8 million tonnes of it enters the oceans every year, from littering, dumping and mishandling, and can hang around for hundreds of years.

As a company we have cut out the use of plastic straws and plastic cutlery. We offer to wash your reusable mug in store for you PLUS give 25 Loyalty points when you remember to bring your own mug. We are also in the process of changing our packaging to a compostable alternative.

Please join us in reusing and reducing from May the 8th to make an impact on the world we are living in ♥

Find out more about Plastic Free Day at