Danteithion Creme Egg

Mae ein detholiad Creme Egg wastad wedi bod yn destun siarad oherwydd ein syndi hufen ia Creme Egg a’n siocled poeth Creme Egg. Ond nawr mae dewis newydd gyda ni i’w rhannu. Gadewch i ni gyflwyno ein creadigaeth ddiweddaraf, Waffl Creme Egg. Ar gael yn ein holl siopau yng Nghymru a Gerddi Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent.

Creme Egg Treats

Our Creme Egg range has always been the talk of the town with our Creme Egg ice cream sundae and Creme Egg Hot Chocolate. But now we have a new product to share with you. Introducing our latest creation the Creme Egg Waffle. Available in all our stores in Wales and Trentham Gardens, Stock-on-Trent.

St David’s Day

Celebrate St David’s Day on the 1st March with our delicious Welshcake Sundae St David’s Day is celebrated by the Welsh on the date of the Patron Saint of Wales’ death in 589 AD. St David helped found around 12 monasteries and his shrine can be found at Glyn Rhosyn.As part of the nations celebrations