Danteithion Creme Egg

Mae ein detholiad Creme Egg wastad wedi bod yn destun siarad oherwydd ein syndi hufen ia Creme Egg a’n siocled poeth Creme Egg. Ond nawr mae dewis newydd gyda ni i’w rhannu. Gadewch i ni gyflwyno ein creadigaeth ddiweddaraf, Waffl Creme Egg. Ar gael yn ein holl siopau yng Nghymru a Gerddi Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent.

Creme Egg Treats

Our Creme Egg range has always been the talk of the town with our Creme Egg ice cream sundae and Creme Egg Hot Chocolate. But now we have a new product to share with you. Introducing our latest creation the Creme Egg Waffle. Available in all our stores in Wales and Trentham Gardens, Stock-on-Trent.

Black Friday to Black Sundae

This Black Friday let Cadwaladers treat you until Black Sundae! Enjoy our offers all weekend from the 29th – 1st November

Winter Greetings from Cadwaladers

Discover our delicious treats in store this Winter guaranteed to bring Christmas cheer. Now available in all stores! Dairy-Free and Vegan options are available. Find your nearest store HERE Discover your local Cadwaladers Store on our map and follow us on our social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest news.