Why don’t you try lunch the Cadwaladers way?

We offer fantastic deals on these items to make lunch time a happy time.

We serve a wide range of lunch options including;


Bloomer Sandwiches

Bloomer Toasties

Jacket Potatoes


These are all available in a wide range of delicious choices.

If you want a little something to warm you up on those cold days, why not try our




Chilli con Carne or Soup?

These are both served in traditional china bowls with a white ciabatta bread roll. Please ask you server when you visit what yummy soup options we have, as these change regularly.

We also serve hot

Jacket Potatoes

Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. We have a range of options to accompany this dish from the simple (but delicious) butter to the very popular Tuna Mayonnaise.

Guaranteed to leave your belly feeling warm and full, this is the perfect option any day.


cadwaladers toasted panini

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